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 so last night was friday night lights, which is basically football game.
was at the valleys.
preppy white people took a party bus. O___O
ludi & i met at square then got driven there.
we didn't have wristbands so we were like shit and we thought it was a public park. 
so we went in the thingy centre LOL.
trying to find her lover nate's number in the phone book, we tried every one but none of them were it. :(
then we walked back and ran into charmane, jeannie, felicia and her friends william, david and derek.
left them for a while to talk to lindsay. D:
david... brought a lot of alcohol, we went to the top of the giant hill over looking the football field.
then you can guess what happened. (o i didn't drink i'm keeping my promise)
william peed in the bushes and found a twix bar there LOL.

k got driven to square and mom didn't want me to bus home that late soooo had to wait for her friend to pick me up.
got bored so i called jimmy jeon.
creepy old man kept looking at me and then said "baggy pajamas???" to me..........
(well this is after i said ... baggy shorts on the phone)
i went home and ate noodles like a fatty and slept. :D

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